Raw Honey

A delicious sweet spreadable liquid made by honey bees from the nectar of flowers. Our honey is un-pasteurized all natural and is minimally processed in small batches to ensure freshness. Honey is produced when the sweet honeydew (from trees) or nectar (from flowers) is gathered by the bees, stored and matured in the hive. We package the liquid honey in four ways. 1) finely strained so it is clear liquid or 2) coarsely strained leaving some wax in, called unfiltered honey or 3) strained and then mixed with some aged crystallized honey to make creamed honey or 4) coarsely strained and then combined with chunks of raw comb, called chunky honey. The chunk honey can either be pieces of pure honey comb or pure pollen comb, or a mixture of both honey and pollen combs. The pollen combs are much darker and add a unique flavor and a great deal of natural goodness to the honey.

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Healing Properties of Honey

We've attended a couple of interesting presentations on honey over the past few years worth reporting on here. One was at our local association meeting where researchers presented their finding on the quantities of hydrogen peroxide in honeys. The take-away on this presentation was that light degrades the amount of hydrogen peroxide very rapidly in honey. Even just the light on a store shelf will degrade the peroxide in just a couple of days. So keep your honey in a cupboard! The other interesting presentation was from a University of Guelph staff member. He reported that veterinary students at the university are being taught to use honey as a dressing on flesh wounds. Honey that has been kept away from light and that has been kept away from excess heat contains hydrogen peroxide and therefore it has antiseptic properties. Some honey also has antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits. When dressings prepared with honey are replaced they are less likely to dry out than antiseptic creams therefore the dressings are less likely to stick to the injury.

At this same meeting it was also reported that recent testing at the university suggests that some Ontario honey that is produced at certain times of the year contain as many antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits as the widely promoted Manuka honey (Manuka is from Australia and New Zealand).

For centuries honey has traditionally been the used for its healing properties. Some of the traditional healing uses of honey aside from wound dressing include soothing sore throats, reducing tooth decay, and helping with digestive problems.

I need to stress that no at our farm is trained in medicine so we can't really help you with your medical issues. If you are ill please go see a doctor!

500g liquid white honey jars (black lid)
1kg chunky honey

Comb Honey

Cutcomb honey is the purest form of honey and has greater health benefits than eating liquid or creamed honey. This is because the honey under the wax capping in the comb has not been exposed to air. Air oxidizes the honey thereby slightly reducing it's healing properties. Comb honey also has a more lively flavour. It's great to eat with toast or with a hand full of your favourite nuts.

Full frames of comb also available
300 g Cutcomb Honey

Pollen Granules

We collect pollen daily from our hives in the spring and early summer. We freeze the fresh pollen immediately after it's harvested to ensure freshness. We sell it either fresh-frozen or dehydrated in 150 g foil back clear bags.

150 g bag of fresh pollen granules
Food Land Ontario
Pollen granules are packed with vitamins and minerals. Many believe eating pollen granules help the body build a resistance to allergies. Some people call pollen granules flower powder!

If you have pollen allergies, start out taking a small amount of pollen each day. No more than 2 or 3 granules on day one. Place them under their tongue and let dissolve or simply chew them. If you experience no reaction, double the amount of granules you consume on day two. Continue this for at least a week.

For those without allergies who take pollen for general health purposes the recommended dosage is 1 - 2 heaping teaspoons of the raw granules per day. Mix them into tea, cereal, juice, a smoothie, yogurt, apple sauce etc.

Bee Pollen and our local raw honey work best when taken together each day. There is a synergistic health benefit when both pollen and honey are taken together as the two combined is greater than the sum of their separate effects.

Wedding Favors

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We have 5 sizes of small honey containers available for wedding or party favors.
56g littel bears
65g hex jar
160g hex jar
115g paragon jar
400g glass bears
Most often the 115 g hex jar is used as a party favor. You can order these up to 4 days before your event.

65 g, 160 g & 115 g favor jars

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We do produce a fair amount of beeswax each fall. Contact us for stock.

1 lb blocks of beeswax
Smaller 1 oz to 40g blocks of beeswax

Fresh Blueberry

Due to drought conditions our blueberres are not producing this year.

Horse Hay

We have sold out on large rounds of top quality horse hay until July 2020.