Nuclei Colony Orders-2022

As registered Ontario Queen Breeders and members of the Ontario Resistant Honey Bee Selection Program (ORHBS) our team of apiarists produces locally adapted queens each week that are bred from our gentle hygienically tested and overwintered stock.

Our team focusus our breeding on honey production, gentleness, varroa resistance and hygienic behavior. Our stock is proven extra hardy as our breeding yard is located on the top of a hill on the OakRidges Moraine in a very windy location. Temperatures and wind speeds in our bee yard are much more extreme than most other parts of Southern Ontario. This means that Circling Hawk Queens that survive the windy winters on our farm need to be extra hardy!

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2022 Pricing is as follows:

  • 4 Deep Frame Nucleus Hives with a Queen from our hardy Circling Hawk ORHBS stock are $250 ea
  • Circling Hawk ORHBS Queens $60 ea
  • Our Apiary's' are inspected by an Ontario Apiary Inspector and our bees are approved for sale. Our Queen Nuc Permit
  • If you do not show up on the date you select when leaving your deposit, your deposit is forfeit and you loose your Nuc.

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    If you have ordered bees they must picked from our Richmond Hill farm at 7:30 pm.

    Please do not come to the farm to pickup bees without pre-ordering your bees. Pickup time is 7:30 pm

    No refunds on nucs, exchange only.

    Full graft of queen cells from hygienic stock
    Ontario Resistant Honeybee Selection

    Order Nuclei colonies below. A Nuclei includes 4 frames of Bees, Pollen, Honey, Brood, and a Laying Queen. It is a functioning colony.

    Nucs are sold out for 2022